Social Wi-Fi


Our social Wi-Fi solution turns your free Wi-Fi network into a powerful marketing tool that builds your clients’ contacts list, promotes your business on social media platforms and collects customer insights.

How The Solution Works

1. Offer Free Wi-Fi

Our solution runs on Wi-Fi; provided as a value added service to entice clients stay longer and hopefully spend more at a business premise.

2. Customers Connect to Wi-Fi

When a client tries to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, they are directed to a custom branded login page with options for login with email, phone number or social media profiles such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+. At this point, the system captures customer data and creates a database for targeted marketing.

3. Reward Your Customers

Analyze customer behavior and engage to understand them better. Consequently, reward and retain your best clients through digital vouchers.

Key Features

  • Social login utility to connect with clients on facebook, twitter, Google, linked, SMS and Email
  • Advertise products on a Wi-Fi branded splash page
  • Perform real-time analytics to extract reports on clients’ behaviors and biodata
  • Run automated and targeted marketing campaigns for lead generation
  • Execute loyalty programs to reward your best clients
  • Compatible with all Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops

Key Benefits

  • Enhance the experience of your clients by providing easily accessible Wi-Fi that doesn’t require a password to login or installation of any app.
  • Grow your client’s contact list by automated capture of their biodata, upon their login to your Wi-Fi network
  • Build you brand visibility via social media
  • Understand your customers better by engaging them directly on email, SMS and social media platforms
  • Enhance customer loyalty by rewarding them through digital vouchers
  • Boost your sales volume through repeat business
  • Get immediate feedback on your services through automated requests for tripadvisor reviews
  • Learn more about your customers’ visiting trends, how often they visit and how long they spend at your business premises
  • Save time and cut down on cost of running marketing campaigns by deploying automated promotions
  • Provide secure internet connection for your staff and clients too

Industries We Serve

Rikken Social Wi-Fi solution enables businesses to enhance the experience of their clients during service delivery. Consequently, clients are inclined to stay longer and even spend more when provided with free Wi-Fi. Thus, our solution is ideal for:
Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Cafes, Spas, Saloons, Shopping malls, Retail outlets, Institutions, Public Service venues, Smart Cities, Event venues, Entertainment spots among others.

What Clients have to Say

Dennis Warui
Date: Nov 02, 2015

We are happy for a great job done by the Rikken project management team and engineers in managing and installing our network at our head-office. The network is very stable and reliable. De...

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