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At Rikken, we appreciate the essence of efficient and effective utilization of resources at the disposal of your business. We offer managed services that will enable you to concentrate on your core business and ultimately give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Our managed services are customized to match individual client needs and your company’s strategic plans. These are delivered on the basis of mutual Standard Level Agreements (SLAs).

Managed Support Services

Our portfolio of managed services includes:

End User Support

End User Support

This is aimed at ensuring maximum availability of your computer software and hardware resources for your staff to use in the office environment. It covers equipments such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, UPSs, scanners, copiers, fax machines among others.

Server Support

Managed IT Solutions

The server support package is meant to give you some peace of mind and assurance of the uninterrupted availability of your server resources, for use in the office network. It covers server hardware and software.


LAN/WAN Support

LAN and WAN support

A reliable connection to the corporate Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) is a guarantee that every business wishes to have. Rikken pledges to guarantee utmost availability and performance of your network resources by supporting and managing your LAN and WAN.

Comprehensive IT Support

comprehensive IT support

This is a managed services package that includes support for some or all your IT needs (End user, Server and or LAN/WAN support), based on your requirements, so as to ensure the availability of IT resources to your business.

Project Management Services

project management

Rikken has a team of professional project managers who are highly qualified and experienced in handling varied ICT projects. Our team facilitates the smooth flow of project execution from the project preparation phase until post-implementation phase.



To fast-track the uptake and effective implementation of emerging as well as existing technologies, we offer professional training services that are customized to meet client’s requirements. Training is focused on introduction to new Technology(s) or already implemented technology(s) where a client needs to undertake a refresher.



The rising demand for ICT services in the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) as well as the Corporate sector, necessitates the need for professional and reliable technology partners. Rikken is the partner that will offer consultancy services to foster the growth of your company by enabling you to harness the power of technology. We will help you define and implement an IT architecture that will cater for the development of your ICT infrastructure over time.

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Dennis Warui
Date: Nov 02, 2015

We are happy for a great job done by the Rikken project management team and engineers in managing and installing our network at our head-office. The network is very stable and reliable. De...

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