Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Support Questions:

i)  Q: Does Rikken Technologies offer support services for businesses on contractual basis?

Yes, we offer IT support managed services for businesses, on the basis of annual SLAs (Standard Level Agreements). Our support service packages include remote, on-site and emergency support. To request for a quote, Click here

Q: Can you fix my laptop screen that is broken?

We replace broken laptop screens with new replacement parts that are sourced from vendor approved resellers for the best quality repair.

ii) Q: Do you repair printers?

Yes, we do repair printers.

iii)  Q: Do you install office networks?

Yes, we install both wired and wireless office networks.

iv)  Q: How can I ensure the safety of my data?

Always back up your data in devices such as external hard drives and if possible, keep multiple copies in different locations.

v)  Q: Is it safe to click on links in e-mails or instant messages?

It is not safe; unless you can absolutely verify and do know the source of the message. Viruses and other malicious software is spread to other computers through such links.

vi)  Q: Why is my computer running so slow?

This could be caused by a number of things; virus or spyware infection, low memory, overheating or a lot of (unnecessary) programs running at once. Please Contact us so that we may help you assess the situation.

vii) Q: My computer often displays a blue screen or shuts down. What's wrong with it?

This could be due to mal-functioning video card, memory module or fan. Dust contamination in the internal computer components may also cause this. For a thorough diagnosis and resolution of such problems, don’t hesitate to Contact us for help.

viii) Q: Why does my computer shut itself down all the time?

This may be as a result of overheating or due to a faulty hardware component, such as a memory module, motherboard or video card. Cleaning the cooler fans may help in containing this problem. However, if cleaning does not aid, please Contact us .

2.  Q: What is Wifi?

A: This is the short form of the terms Wireless Fidelity.
Wifi refers to a means of inter-connecting computers without the use of cables thereby enhancing resource sharing and mobility in your office environment. You may request for a quote here.

3.  Q: What is a server?

A: A computer that is dedicated for providing services to other computers in a network. Such services include; file sharing, printing, internet, backup among others. Rikken is a major supplier of Servers and we would be more than glad to offer you a server solution that suits your business requirements. For a quote, please request for a quote here.

4.  Q: What is the difference between LAN and WAN?

A: A LAN (Local Area Network) is an inter-connection of computers that are physically close in distance, for example in an office. While a WAN (Wide Area Network) is an inter-connection of computers that are physically distant from each other, for example the internet. For a WAN or LAN solution, Click here to Request for a Quote

5. Q: What is VPN?

A: VPN(Virtual Private Network) refers to a owned company network(in most cases a WAN) whose access may be limited to company employees and others outside the company who are authorised and authenticated. Get in touch with us for a VPN solution.

6. Q: What is a firewall?

A: A hardware or software tool used to secure a network against un-authorized access. Contact us now to request for a quote.

7. Q: What pre-cautions should i take to protect my computer against viruses?

a)    Purchase and install genuine Operation Systems (OS) software that will enable installation of updates and upgrades.
b)    Ensure the OS is always updated.
c)    Purchase and install genuine Anti-virus software in your computer that will enable installation of updates.
d)    Ensure the anti-virus is always updated.
e)    Avoid opening unexpected email attachments as they are used to spread viruses. Especially attachments with the following extensions: .scr, .bat, .pif, .exe, .com, .js, and .jhtml, are very often viruses.

To acquire a genuine OS or anti-virus software, please request for a quote here .

8. Q: What is Cloud Computing?

Online-based computing where shared resources such as network printers, software, and information are provided to computers on demand. It minimizes a company’s operation costs because payments are done on per user basis and a number of applications are provided as opposed to paying for these applications individually and installing them on user machines.
You may request for a quote here and we will provide you with a custom cloud solution that suits your business needs.

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Dennis Warui
Date: Nov 02, 2015

We are happy for a great job done by the Rikken project management team and engineers in managing and installing our network at our head-office. The network is very stable and reliable. De...

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